We render comprehensive legal services related to real estate projects.

  • We conduct audits of a real estate legal status in terms of its investment potential or suitability for the implementation of specific investment targets.
  • We support development activities by conducting due diligence assessment and regulating the legal status of real estate.
  • We provide legal counselling in planning processes covering all stages of the adoption procedure of local spatial development plan as well as all stages associated with obtaining decision on land development conditions.
  • We provide legal support during the procedures preceding the commencement of construction works, including the obtaining of a decision on environmental constraints for the project’s execution, land development conditions and building permits.
  • We also advise at the stage of the investment project completion, commissioning of buildings and their further commercialization.
  • We provide legal support during the real estate sale processes as well as we prepare transaction assumptions, participate in negotiations, prepare drafts of the contracts and other necessary documents.
  • We advise and provide legal representation in terms of establishing limited property rights and provide legal services to entities affected by reprivatization claims (the Agricultural Reform Decree, the Warsaw Decree [PL: dekret o reformie rolnej, dekret warszawski]), including investors planning or executing construction investments in the areas covered by the claims.
  • We also deal with matters related to real estate with a special legal status (real estate intended for road construction or railway infrastructure).
  • We provide legal representation in court proceedings regarding real estate.
  • We advise on contracts concluded in investment processes, including contracts with general contractors of construction projects and the so-called participation contracts regarding the implementation of road infrastructure by private investors.
  • We also provide legal representation in proceedings related to construction projects.
  • We advise on the management of real estate owned by the Skarb Państwa [EN: the State Treasury] and local government units.
  • We provide legal representation in matters related to fees for commissioning real estate for perpetual usufruct.
  • We also provide comprehensive legal services in relation to real estate under conservator’s preservation.
  • We represent Clients in administrative proceedings before monument protection authorities, including proceedings associated with obtaining an entry in the register of monuments, issuing of a conservator’s permit to carry out work on a monument and in the field of conservator’s agreement on the draft of decision on building conditions and building permits.

Areas od practice

















Our services include in particular:

real estate legal status analysis (due diligence assessment);

preparation of a real estate development strategy under the conservator’s supervision;

representation in proceedings associated with obtaining an occupancy permit;

representation in proceedings to obtain a decision on land development conditions;

assessment of a real estate legal status in terms of its investment potential or suitability for the implementation of specific investment targets;

advising and representation in proceedings associated with obtaining a construction permit, including special situations that require obtaining a withdrawal from technical and construction regulations;

legal support in the matter of design issues, including verification of the construction documentation accuracy (construction projects);

legal counselling in investment proceedings conducted under special procedures based on the provisions of the so-called special infrastructure acts, including the special housing act;

legal advising on planning proceedings related to the adoption of local spatial development plans at all stages of the planning process;

legal advising and representation in proceedings regarding a real estate division;

verification of the conservator’s status of a real estate;

regulation of a real estate legal status (including making a comparison between the content of land and mortgage registers and the actual state);

legal advising and representation in proceedings regarding environmental conditions for the implementation of investments, including verification of the accuracy of the prepared project outline specification and the environmental impact report;

legal advising on the compliance of the performed (or planned) investing activities with the requirements of the Act on protection and maintenance of historical monuments [PL: ustawa o ochronie zabytków i opiece nad zabytkami] and the detailed requirements concerning a given facility or area - we prepare legal solutions to the presented business models;

preparing, assessing, analyzing and negotiating real estate contracts, contracts concluded during the investment proceeding, as well as participation contracts regarding the implementation of public investments by private entities and in particular road investments;

preparing, assessing, analyzing and negotiating construction contracts and construction works contracts;

legal services during the contracts’ performance, including analysis of the validity and legal possibilities of pursuing claims;

legal advising on the establishment and abolition of limited property rights;

handling proceedings regarding the determination of public-law fees on real estate (adjacent fee, zoning fee) as well as fees for perpetual usufruct of land;

legal advising on the transformation of the right of perpetual usufruct into ownership, including legal advising with regard to the procedure for obtaining a transformation certificate;

preparation for a real estate sale procedure, development of the transaction structure and its implementation;

cases associated with obtaining compensation for the expropriation of real estate and restrictions on using them;

legal support in reprivatization proceedings, including the validity of reprivatization claims verification and legal risk assessment;

legal services regarding real estate division, especially those commissioned for perpetual usufruct;

preparation of specialized legal opinions providing answers to the questions asked by the Client or indicating a solution to the described problem;

legal representation in proceedings before common courts, public administration authorities and administrative courts;

verification of the formal accuracy of appraisals issued by the real estate appraisers;