Kamil Wiater

Trainee attorney-at-law

Advocate trainee, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. Fellow of the Swiss European Mobility Programme (University of Zurich) and graduate of the school of British Law (British Law Centre) organized by the University of Warsaw in cooperation with Cambridge University. He gained experience at international law firms in the dispute resolution and real estate departments.

He specializes mainly in advising on administrative proceedings concerning investment and construction proceedings and planning procedures. He also provides advice on commercial and civil disputes related to real estate – in particular, disputes related to the performance of lease agreements (both at the pre-court and court stage), bad faith negotiations, or proceedings related to compensation claims against public administration bodies. He also provides ongoing advisory services to real estate developers, while preparing opinions concerning, among other things, legal and urban planning conditions for the implementation of individual investments.

Contact: kamil.wiater@cherka.pl